Large egg share

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Large Egg Share:
Our large share is a dozen eggs per week for 16 weeks.  The cost is $80.00 (equaling $5.00 per dozen).

We are pleased to collaborate this year with our neighbors Erik and Carissa who are raising fresh, Grade AA, free-range/pastured eggs with chickens fed with organic chicken feed.  If you have not purchased a CSA veggie basket, but want an egg share, you can purchase it and pick it up at our free pick-up locations, or else pay for home delivery.

We hope you will add on an egg share to support our latest collaboration at Night Owl Farm!

*We ask of our members:

By signing up for our egg CSA, you will be supporting an important collaboration between farm neighbors and understand the following: We will do our best to provide 16 deliveries of fresh, Grade AA, free-range/pastured eggs in a timely fashion throughout the growing season and we ask that our members give us grace if something out of our control impedes our ability to do so.  We will all hope for and expect a successful egg laying season, but acknowledge that occasionally the unexpected has the potential to cause a delay with eggs.  We will keep all of our CSA members informed weekly through email on how things are going at the farm.