About us

Susan Andre and Rosemary Kimball have over 25 years of organic gardening experience between them and have both organized and help run community gardens in the Twin Cities. Since their garden plots kept expanding and multiplying they decided to buy some land and turn their avocation into their vocation. They are about to enter their fifth year of farming courses though the University of Minnesota’s Local Foods College and view sustainable farming and growing delicious food as a lifelong learning process. They have been friends since graduate school where they worked on Masters of Fine Arts degrees in printmaking. They hope to continue integrating their love of the arts into Night Owl Farm throughout the years and see both art making and growing plants as overlapping creative endeavors. Having helped each other weather the loss of Rosie’s Dad (in 2005) and  Susan’s Mom (2012) they established Night Owl Farm in 2014, in part, as a place to honor the memories of Jake Kimball and Nonnie Andre who taught them to love, respect and revel in the earth and the life it supports.